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. >> suarez: the carnage that has bloodied much of syria came home to the capital today. two bombs erupted in damascus, killing nearly four dozen people and wounding more than 150. we begin with a report narrated by inigo gilmore of independent television news. >> reporter: one of the bomb blasts left this huge crater in the ground. the tangled bodies of the dead were ferried away on stretchers, a doubly whammy in the heart of the capital damascus. the targets-- two buildings belonging to syria's security forces. >> ( translated ): i heard the explosion and saw many body parts. there were dead bodies all over the place. bodies of women and children in their cars. >> reporter: the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers driving vehicles packed with explosives. at least that's what the government claims. >> ( translated ): even before >> reporter: even before the dust had settled, syria's state media seized on the attacks, saying they were further evidence of a threat from foreign linked armed gangs. within minutes, state tv were saying terrorists linked to al qaeda were responsible. at
almost 40 in damascus amid fears of bloodshed in syria. but who is responsible? final tributes to paid to the man who helped free his country from communism. and preserving a mighty church organ. be pushes on to find these giant instruments a new home -- the push is on to find these giant instruments a new home. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. is difficult to imagine the situation in syria getting much worse. over the months, a standoff between protesters and security forces have become increasingly violent. some feel the country is on the brink of civil war. but what happens today is unprecedented in the conflict. more than 40 were killed in what is believed to been two suicide bombings in damascus. the opposition accused the government itself for trying to influence the team of arab league observers. >> this was a devastating escalation of syria's vineland's. -- vineland's. is revoked the terror of neighboring iraq. cars packed with explosives. here, a vehicle mangled by the blast. and all of this happened in an area that should be one of the most
in syria to monitor the implementation of a peace deal between the assad regime and opposition forces. broadcast these images of carnage and rubble, the first direct attacks in the heart of damascus. doors and windows burst. everything was destroyed. people lying in bed were injured by shards of glass. >> the government says most of the victims were civilians. the assailants targeted syrian military intelligence and the powerful plainclothes security service. the blasts, a day after arab league observers started a mission to oversee an end to nine months of bloodshed in syria. assyria's deputy foreign minister -- syria's deputy foreign minister said anyone with a conscience must condemn the attacks. all along, the government has been claiming that terrorists and armed gangs were behind the uprising. now, syrian state television has blamed al qaeda for these blasts. >> for more analysis on what is happening in syria right now, i am joined in the studio by a middle east analyst. thanks for being with us. the syrian national council is saying that the syrian regime is directly responsibl
car bombings in damascus. clarissa ward goes inside syria oed meets the rebels plotting to overthrow the regime. mark strassmann on today's new smart cars that can stop themselves to prevent crashes. and steve hartman's "on the road" with santa's toughest challenge. >> santa, for christmas i want my dad to come home. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. th >> pelley: good evening. no holiday tax increase. after a week-long standoff, the senate, house, and president came together on a two-month extension of the temporary cut in social security payroll sexes. a year ago, that tax rate was lowered from 6.2% to 4.2%. and for a lot of families, that comes to about $80 a month. house republicans wanted a longer extension and they threatened to let the tax cut expire if they didn't get their way. but today they backed down and the president was quick to grab his pen. sharyl attkisson has been covering from the capitol to the white house. >> i said it was critical for congress not to go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million working ame
time. >> thank you very much for that analysis. the political uprising in syria, of which has seen nine months of carnage, has taken a deadly turn would to car bombs exploding in damascus. more than 40 people were killed. state media suggested that the blast had been carried out by al qaeda. observers from the arab league are beginning to observe a peace plan in the country. >> this was a devastating escalation of syria's violence. here in damascus, scenes that evoke the terror of neighboring iraq. according to the government, to suicide bombs drove cars packed with explosives into state intelligence buildings on the west side of the city. a vehicle mangled by the blast. all this happened in an area that should be one of the most secure in the country. the dead and wounded were said to include security personnel and civilians. television broadcast images of the survivors as they recovered in hospital. >> i saw a black car, then an explosion. hospital. >> the attached struck at the heart of president bashar al- assad security establishment. within 20 minutes of the blast, al qaeda was be
east and the time i spent going back and forth to the middle east, my family is from syria. i never thought i would see a dictator taken down by the power of street protests. in egypt, it's freer. the press can travel to cairo and report. i have come to love that country and the people in egypt, i truly have over the several years i spent reporting there. so, it's almost, i almost -- it's almost like wishing family well when you know a country intimately in a way i have grown to know egypt. >> i spent time there, our fellow colleagues had a chance to see the chapter. back with hala, ivan, nic, arwa and ben. you live in cairo, your family was there. the same time this was all happening, you are concerned about your family and their well-being. >> i was completely split, ripped in two. on one hand, i wanted to cover the resolution. my neighborhood was an armed camp. my neighbors put barricades on the roads. they pulled out weapons i didn't know they had. shotguns, machine guns, samurai swords. my 17-year-old son was out with a baseball bat and our german shepherd. we live in a nice ne
and extend the tax cut and benefits for a full year. in syria, a troubling escalation in the uprising against the assad dictatorship. today, car bombs were used for the first time since the protests began nine months ago. the government says at least 44 people were killed. the two powerful bombs exploded moments apart. outside the offices of government intelligence in damascus. the cars were ripped apart and windows blown out blocks away. the assad dictatorship quickly blamed al qaeda and that would fit the government's contention that the uprising against assad is led by terrorists. but one rebel group claimed today that it's more likely that the government bombed its own buildings to discredit the rebellion. it was in march that the protests were met with troops and tanks, the assad family has ruled syria for 41 years. first hafez al-assad and now his son bashar. they have suppressed all opposition and in 1982 the regime killed tens of thousands of civilians. assad has been under growing pressure since the transformation known as the arab spring. dictators have fallen in egypt, tunisia, and
requests by relatives and religious institutions. the political uprising in syria that has seen nine months of carnage across the country has taken a deadly turn with two car bombs exploding in the city of damascus. more than 40 people were killed. state media suggested that the attacks were carried out by al qaeda. >> this was a devastating escalation of serious violence. according to the government, the two suicide bombers drove cars packed with explosives into state intelligence buildings. hear, a vehicle was mangled by the blast appeared and -- by the blast. and all of this happen in an area that should be one of the most secure in the country. the dead and wounded were said to include security personnel and civilians. television broadcast images of the survivors as they recovered in hospital. >> i saw a black car and then an explosion appeared after that, i was taken to hospital. >> the attacks struck at the heart of president bush are ellis said -- president bashar al assad. he tried to implicate the opposition. but optimism -- but opposition activists say that stories have been fabri
safer under strong men and dictators? >> what you see in the middle east in syria and iraq, is a fear of the unknown. that is alfear that is felt by the society at large. is it by no means specific to christians themselves. but there is a pronounced notion in countries that i mentioned that they stand to suffer in a time of chaos and uncertainty. you are hearing in syria right now where the same arguments for a negative legitimacy. we don't know who is going to protect us and we don't know where we are going to find safeguards. the same sentiments you are hearing today are the same as in iraq back in 2002 or before the invasion in march of 2003. there is a fear of the unknown. we have seen it manifested in a lot of ways by emigration. people have left not willing to deal with what the aftermath might bring. >> there are sizable christian communities in arab countries 10% in egypt. 5% in syria. a third in lebanon but a smaller population to begin with. how have these people fared you should the arab spring? >> if you like historically at what christian arabs represented to the region i
in syria falls apart. this is about one hour and 25 minutes. >> can i ask you to take your seats because we're going to start? good afternoon. i joined the middle east program at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars. welcome to today's meeting on enemies or allies in the new middle east, turkey, iran, and saudi arabia. this meeting is part of an ongoing series of meetings we have had for the whole year since the beginning of the revolutions in tunisia, egypt, libya, and yemen and also the ongoing events in syria. and bahrain. our speakers today are david ottaway, he is a senior scholar at the woodrow wilson center and the former cairo euro chief -- bureau chief for the washington post. i will be brief. david, the last paper, as part of our occasional series, was saudi arabia in the shadow of the arab revolt. we have a few copies left outside. we urge you to take one on your way out. our second speaker is a former fellow at the wilson center. he is a professor of international relations at the university. i just received a copy of his latest book, "iraq: its neighbors." witch
, and correctly protest human rights abuses in iran and syria and libya, and this is our ally doing this with our weapons. >> and let me ask you about that, because they tried to say, look, we are coming out of, this and we are going to reform the monarchy, and we are going to put out a human rights report, and say negative things about what we did, and we are transparent and everything is fine. since that report came out, you went back to bahrain and what happened? >> well, they arrested me. and i should say detained me. there is no doubt that the king has made some real reform at the margin, and the report was a real thing. they have eased a hair, but at the end of the day, this is still a despotic regime refusing to provide anything close to free elections and daily firing tear glass at peaceful protesters and these are american tear gas shells fired everyday. occasionally killing people. >> so where do we go from here? what happens next? i mean, when you look at at the overall arab spring and you have case of bahrain and egypt which is so full of hope, and now has a lot more economic despair
. >>> in the middle east a massfuneral was held in syria. it turned into a show of support for the president who blamed the bombing on kite. -- al qaeda. the government >>> more than 100,000 pilgrimsand tourists crowded into bethlehem's square. and at the vatican pope benedict lit a can can't candle. >>> coming up on tonight's cbsnews. an iraqi translator fearing for his life after the departure of the u.s. troops he helped. >>> hi i want to give a shoutout to my family in san antonio texas. i love you, i miss you, merry christmas, happy holidays. >>> it didn't take long withindays of the last u.s. troops leaving iraq's a wave of violence swept through baghad this week. 16 bombs exploded killing 70 people and wounding another 200. last week we met one iraqi worried about his safety because he worked were the americans. in a follow-up elizabeth palmer talks about his spiking gear. >> days after the u.s. withdrewthe last troops from iraq and the political battle raging this new violence invoked fears that this country may be headed for a civil war. the bombs hit too close to home for a man we cal
. lama hasan in london, thank you. >>> one more note overseas in syria, where the uprising against the regime has taken an especially deadly turn. two powerful suicide bombs ripped through the heart of damascus near two heavily fortified government buildings. fortified buildings. at least 40 people were killed, 100 injured. and the government immediately put the blame on al qaeda, but opposition groups there are skeptical. some suggesting that the government itself orchestrated these attacks. in the country, where some 5,000 people already have been killed since the unrest began, one thing is clear. tonight, syria is edging ever closer to all-out civil war. >>> and back at home now, and to politics, and your voice, your vote. the republican presidential candidates got in one last full day of campaigning before taking a break for the christmas holiday. and for one of the candidates, the stop-down cannot come soon enough. abc's john berman is on the trail in new hampshire. >> reporter: after being brutalized for weeks, today, newt gingrich made clear what he wants for christmas. >> m
in january. >>> a lot of finger pointing going on in syria tonight as to who carried out two suicide car bombings that killed more than 40 people. those attacks earlier today were aimed at two government intelligence buildings, state run news blamed al-qaeda. others suspect it was the president's own regime that staged those bombings. members of the free syrian army soldiers who defected from the military are denying any involvement in this. they do admit to other attacks on government forces. >>> it's the stuff nightmares are made of. imagine going under the knife, but the person operating on you isn't a real surgeon. that's what happened in san francisco. a man was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. joe vazquez with the imposter's outrageous bedside manner that gave them away. >> he's not a doctor, but he's in big trouble for acting like one. the district attorney says carlos was running an office called the derma clinic in the 2500 block of mission and while he never said he was a doctor, he pretended to work as one when he performed two illegal procedures. a woman
-opening the monument to the public. overseas tonight in syria, dozens of people killed in twin car bombings outside the headquarters of the intelligence agency in damascus. the attacks are the first of their kind in the syrian capitol since the start of the uprising against president bashar al asad earlier this year. >>> now to cairo where thousands of egyptians have been rallying in tahrir square today they are denouncing military violence against protesters, many of whom were women. at least 17 people have been killed in violent clashes h this week. nbc's ayman mohyeldin is in cairo tonight with the lates good evening. >> reporter: good evening, kate. the street of public opinion could not be any wider. today it was on display just miles away from each other. behind me today in tahrir square, the number reaching close to 25,000. the prodemocracy activists supporting calls for the military to step down from power and to hand over power to an elected government as quickly as possible. they feel the military has exhausted its mandate and is unable or unfit to control more. across the street a short
del sol invencible, venÍa de syria esa fiesta. y los cristianos al oÍr eso. dijeron, pero nuestro sol de justicia es jesucristo. >>> independientemente de la fecha exacta en que naciÓ, el 25 de diciembre para millones alrededor del mundo es un dÍa para unir familias, orar y celebrar telemundo. >>> por cierto tenemos mÁs sobre la historia de la navidad. datos fascinantes y reveladores, iremos a mÉxico, para ver como se celebra en ese paÍs y mucho mÁs. este domingo, una ediciÓn especial de enfoque, a las 11:55 de la maÑana, 10:55 centro. otra breve pausa al regresar. llegÓ navidad y con ello se despierta el spriespÍritu de la ¿un kindle? me encanta. sé 5% más feliz con la tarjeta redcard de target, que da un 5% de descuento sobre nuestros precios ya bajos, y envíos gratis en ♪ rana vid es tiempo de sonar compartir y sonar y sÓlida nas cuenta lo que refleja el espÍritu de la navidad. . le darÁ a sus seres queridos esta navidad. el espÍritu navideÑo, me gustarÍa que. todo el aÑo. y realmente nos hace mÁs solidarios eugen roses y cariÑosos. . >>> esta e
on the issue when they return to washington in january. >>> a lot of finger pointing going on in syria tonight as to who carried out two suicide car bombings that killed more than 40 people. those attacks earlier today were aimed at two government intelligence buildings. state run news blamed al-qaeda. others suspect the president's own regime staged those bombings. there has been growing uprising against the president. members of the free syrian army, soldiers who defected from the military deny any involvement. they do admit to other attacks on government forces. >>> it's the stuff nightmares are made of. imagine going under the knife, but the person operating on you isn't a real surgeon. that's what happened in san francisco. a man was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. joe vazquez with the imposter's outrageous bed sign manner that gave him away. >> he's not a doctor, but he's in big trouble for acting like one. the district attorney says carlos was running an office called the derma clinic in the 2500 block of mission. while he never said he was a doctor, he pretended to
cases, not so much. in libya and egypt, yes. in syria, no. we have seen u.s. forces pull out of iraq but stay in afghanistan. we have seen the death of north korean tyrant who has been our enemy for his entire lifetime. do we hear any domestic conversation about it? do these events drive any of the conversation we've been having in 2011? >> not really, gwen. from my standpoint, the most theppointing thing about republican campaign as a foreign policy one is that there really hasn't been a coherent foreign policy debate here. there's been a series of attempts to take shots at president obama, and at times that has put the republican candidates in paradoxical positions, in the case of newt gingrich, being in favor of intervening in libya a week before he was against intervening in libya. gwen: the president poked back at mitt romney by saying, ask bin laden whether i've been too easy or not. and to take an issue that should be core to most americans, afghanistan. how long are we going to be in afghanistan? what's the strategy going to be? mitt romney has answers, newt has some answers
americans. a lot of my friends were lebanese and from syria. i had yewish and irish american friends. all of our identities were mixed. my sense of being american was being in a mix of things. >> margaret could you also reflect in a prior conversation you talked about your father had a sense of where he came from and it was a little more difficult for your mom to articulate that? >> sure. mother's side is irish american my father come from a different heritage. he is a genealogy. he traced his family all the way back to the times when they moved from spain to a region of france. that's where his family came from as peasants in 1850. and for generations, his family members had been going back to this place to visit their distant cousins. they knew exactly where it was. i was thinking that was a year after my irish american family came here. why don't my irish american family know this information. i want to try to find out what it is. i didn't know at that time what i was undertaking. i heard it said with irish american it's not genealogy it's archaeology. i found out about that later. i
. >> and syria is blaming terrorists for two car bombs that killed 40 people. the bombs went off within minutes of each other and appeared to have targeted heavily targeted intelligence buildings. the government blamed al qaeda. the bombs were the first in syria since the nine-month long uprising began. united nations claims the government there killed 5,000 nem a brutal crack down. >> another earthquake and two after shocks rattled new zealand today where it's christmas eve. all three quakes hit the town of christchurch. the first measured 5.8, the second, 5.8, an hour later a third, again a 5.8. 60 people were treated for minor injuries. christchurch was hit in february by a quake that killed 182 people. >>> a top health official in france says the government will pay for breast implant removeal for 20,000 women. >> officials held a news conference deciding they should be removed as preventative measure. the government recommending all implants made by the company p.i.p.should be removed, there are mounting fears they can rupture, leaking silicone into the body. >> next at 4:00 a problem with
of damascus, syria. two suicide car bombers blew themselves up there yesterday. 44 people killed. more than 160 hurt. both sides blamed the other for the attack. state run media reports said the bombs carried the blue prints of al qaeda. also today tens of thousands of protesters surging in moscow for a day of demonstrations turning out in sub zero weather to protest what they claim are rigged elections. this is also seen as a challenge to the domination of vladimir putin over russia. security is tight in moscow where russian media is reporting bus loads of riot police lining up along the streets. similar protests taking place all across russia. britain's prince philip will spend christmas eve in the hospital. queen elizabeth's husband, you see him there, he had a procedure yesterday to unblock the coronary artery. prince philip is 90 years old. also the cuban government will pardon and set free almost 3,000 prisoners. the castro administration published an announcement saying prisoners over the age of 60, women as well as six inmates are among those being released. president castro cited t
: taking a look at the viciousness in syria. a pair of suicide car bomb attacks killing 40 and injuring more than a hundred. in the capital of damascus. the government there blaming al qaeda for those attacks saying it's proof that terrorists are behind the 10-month long uprising there. there are a lot of doubts about that claim. canada's foreign minister called the allegations comical. opponents of the regime hinting that the syrian government may have orchestrated the attack in an effort to justify their brutal repression. keep in mind the united nations reports that more than a thousand people have died in syria since those protests began. in fact, we're told government forces slaughtered more than 100 fleeing villagers on tuesday alone. the fox chief report correspondent jonathan hunt joins me with more. a lot of skepticism about the regime's claim. >> in the eyes of many experts it's all too con yent. the american league observers aride yesterday within hours and you get these attacks enabling the assad regime to say you see, we told you. so these are terrorists, not pro-democracy
through the borders go to syria. and our whole plan of isolating the regime is going to fail now. because they're supporting the regime through iraq and connecting with hezbollah or other problems. so, the fact that these events are happening in iraq is not on the regional level not just for iraq. >> what can we do from here. even if we don't have troops on the ground with prime minister maliki. i don't want to say influence, they're their own country at this point, but can we have an impact that keeps us safe here at home? >> look, the real answer to this whole thing is to make sure to contain the iranian regime. that's where the problem is. i mean, without iranian convention in iraq, most of the issues will be addressed so we need to be very clear. against iraq and the military exercises and all of that has to be-- we need to do a strategic change in our policy towards iran to get results in iraq and syria and in lebanon. >> jamie: tell me what that would look like for us. >> it would look like us telling iranian leadership there are red lines inside iraq. it will look like we reaching
january in tunisia and then two big stories were egypt and libya, syria, and overthrow of the dictatorships of mubarak, gaddafi and keep in mind this also happened in algeria, kuwait, sudan and even in saudi arabia, it was enabled by social media and television and a lot of people successfully prosecute old grievance and we don't know the outcome and these are companies that didn't have pluralism in any of their lifetimes. and figure out whether it was a force or not. >> our colleague would argue, he's on va weighingscation, this is turning out for the worse for u.s. strategic interest. we may be losing dictators, but our dictators, and there are islamists and people who don't have america's foreign policy interests in mind. >> it's dangerous, but we did not overthrow hosni mubarak, the people in the streets did. nothing we were going to be able to do to save mubarak, it was a process completely out of our control and probably hurt ourselves not being more engaged before it happened. >> jason, your biggest story? >> i'm going with the death of steve jobs being one of th
will remain in the hospital for a short period of time. >>> in syria two suicide car bombs ripped through government intelligence buildings in the capital of damascus. at least 44 people are dead and dozens more injured. the explosions gutted buses, cars and the two targeted buildings. state-run news blamed the attacks on al qaeda, other suspects the president's regime could have staged the bombs. there have been growing uprisings against the president for the past nine months. >>> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. if you have a getaway friday plan intact and you're heading to the high sierra, we have no new snow in the forecast through monday. heavenly valley however, they are firing up those machines. plenty of snowmaking overnight as temperatures fall into the single digits. sugar bowl machine groomed packed powder as well and northstar says come on up, they're open from top to bottom skiing. the pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. >>> and monta ellis ends his silence and talks for the first time about the allegations filed against him and she shoots and score
new volkswagen. visit >>> i'm natalie allen at cnn center in atlanta. syria's president is blaming terrorists for twin suicide bombings in damascus but opposition groups say yesterday's attacks are the work of the regime. one opposition group says almost 300 people have been killed this week. the u.n. says more than 5,000 people have died since president bashir al assad began a crackdown on anti-government protesters back in march. >>> a big political setback for newt gingrich and rick perry. the two republican presidential candidates have failed to qualify for the virginia primary. turns out gingrich and perry did not submit enough valid signatures to be placed on the ballot and virginia state law prohibits voters from writing in candidates not on the ballot in primary elections. virginia holds its primary in march as part of super tuesday. >>> it was a chaotic scene during a busy shopping night. one person was killed in a shooting outside a crowded mall in fort myers, florida. police say they found more than 100 shell casings from a high-powered assault rifle at the sc
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 64 (some duplicates have been removed)